Terms & Conditions

  1. Booking Confirmation:
    • Your reservation is confirmed upon receipt of the agreed-upon payment.
    • The booking is for the specified number of guests as per the reservation.
  2. Check-in and Check-out:
    • Check-in time is 1:00 PM, and check-out time is 11:00AM.
    • Early check-ins and late check-outs are subject to availability and may incur additional charges.
  3. House Rules:
    • Please respect the property and its surroundings.
    • No smoking inside the premises.
    • No pets allowed unless prior arrangements have been made.
  4. Security Deposit:
    • A refundable security deposit of INR 25000 is required to cover any damages or excessive cleaning. This will be refunded at the time of check-out, provided there are no issues.
  5. Utilities and Amenities:
    • The rental fee covers basic utilities such as water, electricity, and gas.
    • Any damage to or loss of amenities provided will be deducted from the security deposit.
  6. Maintenance and Repairs:
    • Please report any damages or issues immediately.
    • Guests are responsible for any damage caused during their stay.
  7. Liability:
    • The property owner is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or illnesses that occur on the premises.
    • Guests are advised to obtain travel insurance.
  8. Noise and Disturbances:
    • Please respect neighbours and keep noise levels to a minimum, especially during quiet hours (typically between 2300-0700 Hours).
  9. Jurisdiction:
    • Any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the local courts.

By proceeding with the reservation, you confirm that you have read and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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